Church Library

St. Luke’s resource for Christian publications for all ages 

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Library serves as an educational tool to help increase the knowledge and strengthen the faith of members and guests of St. Luke’s congregation.

The library, located in the office area, is open anytime the church office is open. The library consists of over 2700 items including books and DVD’s. The diverse collection offers doctrinal books, materials for spiritual
encouragement, fiction and nonfiction books, books for teens and many children’s items.

Materials are cataloged into categories with a color-coded system, and a list of the categories is located on the wall of the adult section of the library.

When checking out materials, please sign your first and last name on the checkout card, as well as the current date. Checkout cards should be placed in the basket on the table in the adult section of the library. Please return DVD’s within two weeks and return books as soon as you have finished using them. Materials may be returned to the “Return Basket,” located just inside the adult section of the library.

The catalog is searchable by subject, title, and author. For the most helpful information, click on “Member” in the “Style” section on the top tab. The “Other Call Number System” section refers to the category showing the
location in the library.

The library also offers Christian greeting cards for 50 cents that help to support the library.

Library Catalog

A computerized catalog of the materials in the adult and teen section of the library is available by clicking below: